TNR the Town

TNR the Town

The rumor around the small Yuba County city of Marysville was that the long-closed State Theatre is full of feral cats. Hundreds of them. You can imagine how excited we were when the owner offered to give us access to the theatre to rescue those cats.

Before we went in, he said “There aren’t cats in there.”  We didn’t believe him, but he was right. No cats. No signs of cats or smells of cats.

But the rest of Marysville? There are cats everywhere!  Hundreds of them. So many, in fact, that the town should be called Meowysville!

But they are very lucky cats. Why?  Because FieldHaven and Marysville Animal Care Services have embarked on a mission to TNR the TOWN of MEOWYSVILLE!

Starting in late 2018 FieldHaven staff and volunteers began doing the stray cat strut all over town:  TNRing ferals, putting kittens into foster homes, and spreading the gospel (education) of TNR.  We have also been doing vaccine and microchip clinic for cats and, you heard me right, dogs, too. You can hear all about it during this presentation to the Marysville City Council.

The program provides:

  • TNR
  • Feeding Stations and Colony Management
  • Kitten Fosters
  • Community Education
  • Vaccine and Microchip Clinics

***Please note this program is only available within the city limits of Marysville.

Your donations of money, supplies and resources help up save lives! Donate online here. Contact us at [email protected] or (916) 434-6022 if you’d like to volunteer in one of these areas. Keep current about our activities by joining the Marysville Cat Squad Facebook page.

  • Kitten Fosters: We have motherless bottle babies, moms with litters, and playful weaned kittens. They all need a foster home until they are old enough to go into FieldHaven’s adoption program.
  • Colony Feeders: There are dozens of locations around Marysville where community cats congregate to get their daily chow. Feeders put out that chow along with fresh water and do a head count of who shows up for dinner.
  • Trappers: We have hundreds of cats in Marysville that need to make a life-changing trip to the spay/neuter clinic. Our trappers work together to safely and humanely capture the kitties so they can make that trip then return to their colony as a healthy, vaccinated, and microchipped community cat.
  • Transporters: We call it “Mewber.” Kitties need it to go back and forth to the spay/neuter clinic or to see a veterinarian. Often, we need Mewber with very short notice. Other times are scheduled for clinic days.
  • Fundraising: From cat food to cold hard cash, we need it to help the kitties in Meowysville.
  • Administration: While the glamour of helping kitties is gathering those little fluff balls in your arms or getting that tattered old tom veterinary care there is always the admin side of things. We can’t do the glamour without it.  Tracking fosters, scheduling veterinary appointments, data entry, recruiting, training and scheduling volunteers, running reports, making phone calls, tracking expenses – it’s all needed.
  • Outreach: There are thousands of people and businesses in Marysville who need to know about Meowysville, TNR the Town. Whether you like to reach out to people by phone, in person or through media if you love people and cats we need you.

Together, we will TNR the Town!

3 thoughts on “TNR the Town”

  1. Debra Renick says:

    We have feral cats that keep coming to out property and then have babies we can not afford to feed them and have taking them to the pound several times but ut still keeps happening.

    What do we do?

    Debra Renick

    1. Joy Smith says:

      Hi Debra – I am sorry but I just am reading your message. Where are you located? Are you in the city of Marysville?

  2. Roberta Davis says:

    That is heartwrenching. Please Google TNR trap neuter release and keep in touch with local cat rescues. Fixing the kitties works and there are ways to do it for cheap and often free. You’ve done a very good start in contacting Fieldhaven for information.

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