Resistance is Futile

Resistance is Futile

Have you ever tried to resist the fluff on an “open invitation” napping kitty belly? No one can! Resistance is futile!

We have more kitty paws, whiskers, and bellies looking for love with their forever families. Most adoption fees have been sponsored! Three cats from last week’s post – Georgia, Tamarack, and McClain – have all been adopted. Great work, everyone! Now let’s find homes for these four.

Click here to view all adoptable Camp Fire cats.


I‘m ready to Walk Like An Egyptian up out of here!

They call me CF825 Cleo – short for Cleopatra. I am a sweet and sassy freshly spayed female who is ready to teach you how to get stunning black eyeliner like me. 😉

The sand dunes in here smell like cat litter and these peasants won’t fan me while I’m eating anymore because they are “too busy” and keep telling me that I’m “not the only one in here”. UGH. Can I come be the only one at your house? If you have other kitties, I won’t be mean to them… But I’ll make my presence known as I am *basically* royalty.

If you need me, I’ll be inside my pyramid. You’ll know it’s mine because it’ll say FieldHaven Transfer Station outside. You can call me at (530) 783-9009 but if I’m too busy chasing scarab beetles away, I’ll have Jyll get the phone for me.

Adopt Cleo Here


Heyyy… My name is Party Prancer. CF655 Prancer, to be specific.

I’ve been partying at FieldHaven Transfer Station in Paradise for a while now and they said it’s time for me to find somewhere else to set up shop.

Do you want to party with me? I love treats, being in laps, and CATNIP! I prefer digging my nails into cardboard scratchers as opposed to furniture so you don’t need to worry about that. I am social, I make friends easily, I am litter box trained, and I’ll talk back to you in the cutest of ways. I am also pretty tidy… You know, for a boy.

Like any macho party ‘bro’, I don’t like to be picked up. You want me to come somewhere? Lure me in with wet food 😼

You can contact me at my current frat house:

FieldHaven Transfer Station, (530) 783-9009. I’ll bring Friskies Party Mix, too… Oh, and I’m sponsored so my adoption fee is waived!

Adopt Prancer Here

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