Pet Food Pantry Closing in June

Pet Food Pantry Closing in June

One of the many ways FieldHaven has been committed to serving the local community is through the Pet Food Pantry. This service has provided help to those individuals who need temporary assistance by providing pet food for both dogs and cats. Unfortunately, due to the logistical hurdles of needing regular volunteer staffing and the inconsistency of a reliable source for supplies, the Pet Food Pantry will be discontinued for an indefinite period. The last day of distribution will be Saturday, June 15th.

FieldHaven will continue to support the Lincoln area by assisting residents who tend known feral cat colonies or community cats. This will be on a case-by-case basis and will depend upon the availability of kibble/canned food. Please contact FieldHaven Marketplace if you tend one of these colonies.

We appreciate your understanding as we determine the best way to serve our community with the resources that we have available. FieldHaven will continue to serve Lincoln in many other ways by helping the community and our feline friends: “For every cat in need, a solution.”

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