Another Happy Reunion: Kuro

Another Happy Reunion: Kuro

A couple of days ago I wrote about how my heart sings whenever a fire cat is reunited with their family. Some cats cause it sing just a little louder. Kuro is one of those.

Koru was trapped on February 16th by Jennifer Petruska. When we intook him we wrote “tame, very shy” on his intake sheet. That described CF542 completely. It was evident he wasn’t feral or a community cat. His behavior told us that he was frightened beyond comprehension by his experience of having lived for 101 days in the fire zone. He fit the profile of a cat who was used to living indoors.

In the shelter his PTSD was evident. Hiding under blankets, acting feral by hissing at anyone who approached. Our experience told us he wasn’t. We developed a daily routine for providing him enrichment and keeping his life as stress free as we could. I fell hard for him and so did Jennelle Marie Cropsey. Every day Jennelle brought him into her arms to spend quiet time with him. We all worried about him because we know the fire experience and living in the shelter was hard on him. One thing that did not waver was his appetite for which we were thankful!

Several people looked at him. An all black, neutered male with no distinguishing marks. Not an easy match. Doug met him and didn’t think he was Kuro. But something brought him back to look again. CF542 fit every mark except he was still unsure. His girlfriend Liz came and there was a tiny glimmer of interest by CF542 when she approached. Jennelle placed CF542 in her arms. He relaxed on her lap as she sat down. His coat had that silky feel like Kuro. The saggy belly, chubby stature, even his teeth all hit Kuro’s marks. Liz said Kuro is a talker. We had never heard CF542 talk. She felt like it was him but still had a doubt.

She and Doug came back the next day with Kuro’s sibling. Liz said when she went home the previous day she sniffed her all over. Could it be that she recognized Kuro’s smell? The doubts were dashed when they introduced both kitties. They touched noses in recognition. A loud cheer would’ve gone up but everyone was quiet to not upset CF542 – I mean Kuro.

I wasn’t there to witness the reunion but when Jyll Aguilar sent me the text confirming it was indeed Kuro I did let out a huge loud whoop! And I did a happy dance.

Liz reports that Kuro is doing a lot of hiding. He may be back with his people and kitty sibling but it’s a different house and he has been through the fires of hell. Liz and Doug recognize that and know that one day he will start talking again.
I am proud to be part of the team that reunited Kuro with his family. And so many others too.

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