495 Cats in 146 Days

495 Cats in 146 Days

It has been 146 days since California’s deadliest fire, the Camp Fire, ignited and destroyed nearly 14,000 homes in the towns of Paradise, Magalia, and surrounding areas. Thousands of families and their pets were displaced by the fire.

Through FieldHaven’s efforts operating the Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center, we have touched the lives of 495 cats during the past 146 days.

170 are in our shelters waiting to be reunited
128 have been reunited with their families
76   have been transferred to our adoption partners
69   have been released into their community colonies
39   have been adopted by loving families
4     despite our best efforts,  passed away

Unbelievably, cats are still being trapped and reunited with their families. Such is the case of Catie.

Catie had been hiding under the bed when Jerry learned they had to evacuate.  He was able to get her out from under the bed and was carrying her through the house when they passed the kitchen window and saw the entire back yard was in flames. That scared Catie and she jumped out of Jerry’s arms and ran into the closed garage. Jerry had no choice but to leave without her as the fire was approaching fast. He never imagined she could have lived through it, but still had a slight glimmer of hope and put in a trap request. He drove up from Fortuna as soon as he got word she was likely found.

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