Miracles and Guardian Angels

Miracles and Guardian Angels

Miracles: they happen daily at FieldHaven as people, cats, kittens, and veterinarians walk through our doors. Over the past year, thanks to your support, we have saved the lives of over one-thousand deserving kitties that needed our help. Each one was distinct in their color and personality, but a few of them stood out as if they had guardian angels watching over them. Little Bravo is one of those kittens.

Bravo’s first angel arrived as a woman who found a litter of tiny kittens. She took them to Oakland Animal Services (OAS) where an experienced kitten foster became his second angel. Bravo was very sick: he was underweight, covered in fleas, and his right eye was horribly infected. His foster never gave up on him and when he was strong enough, the veterinarian at OAS who performed his life saving eye removal surgery became another angel.

The next angel was a FieldHaven volunteer named Scout, who was in Oakland attending a Maddie’s Fund sponsored apprenticeship at Cat Town. Part of the curriculum was a trip to meet the staff at OAS. While visiting the adoptable animals, she saw a tiny kitten that looked just like the beloved kitty she lost to kidney disease just a few months earlier. When Scout left for home the next day, she had established not only a new partnership with OAS but she also was transferring Bravo to FieldHaven where she became his new foster.

A few days after his arrival, his fifth angel was FieldHaven’s own Dr. Heather Kennedy. She was concerned Bravo’s left eye had a corneal ulcer. After thoroughly checking his eye, she prescribed a therapy which included autologus (self) blood serum treatment. The problem was Bravo was far too tiny for such a large blood draw. His next angel was a complete surprise.

Joy Smith’s horse Logan was the perfect candidate. “They have gallons of blood,” remarked Joy, “a syringe-full is nothing!” His blood was drawn and spun down in a centrifuge. The resulting serum was used as eye drops for Bravo twice a day. Within a few days, his eye was remarkably better. A dinner party welcomed Bravo’s seventh angel. The guests were on their way to Reno from the Monterey Bay area. They wanted to visit FieldHaven and learn all about our life saving work. That was when the guests met Bravo. It was love at first purr. Within a week, Bravo was adopted and being spoiled rotten by his new mom Jill C. They are happily living in Santa Cruz.

Singer Lawrence Peter wrote “Don’t believe in miracles – depend on them.” At FieldHaven, we do!

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