One Last Chance to Donate in 2017

One Last Chance to Donate in 2017

Mistletoe’s Day Before Christmas

Twas the day before Christmas and all through Hills (El Dorado Hills, that is)
The temperature was really low, and I had the chills
So I climbed up into a place that was warm and snug
No one could see me, I was like a bug in a rug
Then everything got so loud, and there was such a clatter
I was terrified, and didn’t know what was the matter.
I felt like I was going fast and danger was at hand
Then all of a sudden I stopped, and I could see land
Terrified and cold, I began to “Meeeeeoooooowwwww!!!!”
And I heard one of those humans say, “Oh, my” and “Oh, wow!”
“I think there is a kitten stuck up inside my car.”
“I hope it is OK. I’ve driven so far!”

Then a big hand reached in and with a pluck, got me out of the car’s engine and took me to his truck
The nice EDH fireman said, “Merry Christmas little one, you’re certainly in luck.”
“We’ll take you to FieldHaven. You’ll receive the best of care.”
“Everyone knows that cat and kitten experts work and volunteer there.”
So off we flew to FieldHaven in a flash

When we got there the staff tore open the door and threw up the sash
When what, to my wondering eyes did appear
But a host of humans, all saying, “You’ll be just fine, my dear.”
Nice Jen and Nurse Roxie gave me an exam; I was still so full of fright
But volunteer Gina gave me blanket, a cuddly toy, and took me home for the night.​

Now I’m healthy, I’m not scared, I purr and I play
But most importantly I want to plead with you and say
That FieldHaven Feline Center took away my strife
They healed me, and loved me, and are giving me a life

They help other cats and kittens too, with love and with skill
But without money to fund their efforts, my prospects would’ve been nill

​So please donate to FieldHaven, they’re so outta sight!
Knowing now that I’ll have a happy 2018, I wish you all a good night.

Today is the last day to donate in 2017. Any amount will help kittens like Mistletoe.

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