Chunky Charcoal Wants to Be Your Watch Cat

Chunky Charcoal Wants to Be Your Watch Cat

Guard dogs? Pfft, who needs ‘em!

My name is Charcoal (though people also call me “Chunky Charcoal” for some mysterious reason).

Folks have been calling me “The Hefty Hero” ever since Monday Night, when I single-pawedly wrangled the FieldHaven Marketplace burglar to the ground and turned him over to the police!

Well, okay – I didn’t quite wrangle the guy to the ground, and he kind of got away.

Check out the video from the break-in as the brazen thief stuffs $500 in jewelry into a bag. You’ll see he suddenly decides to bolt out of the store. Look closely: don’t you see me charging the lily-livered fool.

You don’t? I guess I’m too short to be caught in the frame, but I assure you, I was at his heels! He ran out of the store and down the street so fast, he dropped some of the jewelry on the sidewalk.

The police forensics team found some of my fur mixed in with it…or they should have, if they were paying attention. I’ve proven my mettle, so it’s time for me to offer my guard-cat services to any of you looking for some protection – and a whole lot of kitty love. When I’m not on duty, I’m a sweet, mellow guy who enjoys hugs (yes, really) and attention. I want to be by your side, except when I’m protecting you from cat burglars.

Someone has sponsored my adoption fee, so you’d only pay for my microchip. It’s Dollar Days this weekend at FieldHaven, so don’t wait! The line for the Hefty Hero is bound to be long! Click here to view all of our adoptables.

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