Cats On a Hot Tin Roof

Cats On a Hot Tin Roof

Adoptable Spotlight: Carl & Lenny

Want to know true brotherly love? Then get to know us! We’re Carl and Lenny. We llived on the roof of a model home in Roseville until we were two months old, scurrying under solar panels for shade.

A fireman tried to rescue us, but we said, “Nuh uh, now way!” We weren’t having it. We were finally saved by a dedicated FieldHaven volunteer who fostered us afterwards. We’re six months old now and ready for a forever home – one that will adopt us as a pair. Put simply, we need each other.

For instance, when Carl is away from me (Lenny) for too long, I make a distinctive, plaintive meow so my brother will come back! We’re sensitive boys, so the noise and commotion at the shelter is stressing us out.

Please come quickly! We’re not on a roof anymore, but we’re waiting for you to rescue us for life!

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