Fund the Bus Campaign

Fund the Bus Campaign

It’s time for FieldHaven to hit the road!

Even though FieldHaven’s heart and headquarters will always be in Lincoln, there is a desperate need for our services in other parts of Placer County and beyond.

To respond to this, we’re announcing our “Fund the Bus”campaign to raise money for a mobile clinic that will offer spaying/neutering and veterinary care in areas with inadequate services for animals in need.

Since we opened our veterinary clinic to the public in January, we have been booked days in advance. We have limited capacity in our small medical suite at the shelter and we are not able to provide all the services we would like. This was our incentive to think BIG!

After mulling the options, including opening a separate clinic, we settled on a state-of-the-art, custom-made bus.

A bus can go right to the need, whether it’s in downtown Lincoln, here at the shelter, or some place farther away that doesn’t have low cost spay/neuter services. We launched the fundraising campaign at our annual Classics, Cats & Cabernet celebration in June. Our supporters loved the idea and we raised more than $50,000 in just a few minutes!

The estimated cost of this specialized bus is just over $300,000, far less than the cost of a brick-and-mortar clinic. We know you, our dedicated supporters, will want to be part of putting the wheels on this bus and getting it on the road sometime in 2018.

Please make a note with your donation if you’d like it to go to our “Fund the Bus” campaign. If you are interested in becoming a major sponsor, please contact Rochelle Barcellona at [email protected]

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