FieldHaven Goes Out on a Limb

FieldHaven Goes Out on a Limb

We’re going out on a limb to ask for your donations.

It’s the story of Lauren and Joy. Both were doing what they love: Lauren was romping with her siblings in their foster home, and Joy was riding her horse. Lauren fell off a table. Joy fell off her horse. Pretty typical events, except when you fall just right (or wrong) in this case.

Lauren fractured her leg. Joy fractured her arm. The x-rays show it all. Ouch!

Both girls had surgery to pin their fractured limbs. Both were back in action just a couple of days after surgery as the pins provided stability for their bones to heal.

Joy’s broken limb happened several years ago, Lauren’s just about a week ago. Joy can assure Lauren that her limb will heal completely and she’ll be back to normal in a short time.

Two girls with a very similar story, except for one very large difference: the cost of fixing that broken limb.

Joy’s limb racked up over $30,000 in emergency room, medical, surgical, and rehab bills, with over $2,000 just for the ambulance ride!

Thanks to our incredible veterinary team and partners, we were able to do Lauren’s surgery in-house at a much, much lower cost. The estimated cost for Lauren’s emergency room, medical, surgical, and rehab bills is $1,500.

That’s the kind of thing we are able to do at FieldHaven with the skills of our veterinary staff. It’s not just broken limbs they can heal. Diabetes, dental disease, wounds, renal failure and many other costly kitty disorders are all treatable in our clinic.

The going out on a limb part? While we save a substantial amount on the cost over outside veterinarians it is still expensive. We need your support to maintain our medical reserves so we can continue to treat kitties like Lauren.

Please help us match the cost of Joy’s surgery. If $1,500 can fix Lauren’s limb, think how many kitties $30,000 can fix!

Support FieldHaven by going out on that limb.

Click here to donate to FieldHaven Feline Center.

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