Help us Spay a Cat … or 20

Help us Spay a Cat … or 20

FieldHaven’s stores, Snap It Up! Thrift Shop and FieldHaven Marketplace, generate funds to support the care of cats and kittens in our shelter. The more donations of items we receive, the more we have to sell, and the more cats we can spay and provide other medical care for.

Your donations of sellable items are NEEDED!

When moving, cleaning closets, merging households, downsizing, redecorating, or decluttering, please consider donating your wonderful items to FieldHaven. Remember, for every $40 we generate from the sale of your donations, we can spay a cat and prevent litters of homeless kittens from being born.

Our donation center is at FieldHaven Marketplace at 454 F Street in Lincoln, California. We are open Monday – Saturday from 11 AM – 4 PM.

Accepted Donations

Here are a few guidelines for donations that will help us help cats and kittens. If you have any questions about something you would like to donate, please call us at (916) 434-0622 or email [email protected].


A clothing rack inside of FieldHaven Marketplace.Snap It Up! Thrift Shop has the best fashions in town thanks to your donations! We always accept clothing that is clean and in excellent condition. We love vintage clothing, too! Here are some guidelines for you to consider when cleaning out your closets:

Shoes: Wearable, gently used, and in pairs. There’s not a big market for single shoes!

Jewelry: One of our biggest sellers! All jewelry accepted regardless of condition – estate, vintage, fine, costume – anything! We have volunteers who repurpose some of the ugliest, out-of-date jewelry into beautiful creations that sell like crazy! Broken jewelry, gaudy costume jewelry from your Aunt Clara, single earrings – we take it all! Jewelry is also a great way to our supporters from afar to donate items to our stores since it’s relatively inexpensive to ship. Clean out your jewelry box and send it to:

FieldHaven Marketplace
454 F Street
Lincoln, CA 95648

Outdoor and Rusty Stuff

Old and new gardening implements, farm items, planters, garden décor, outdoor furniture.

Household Items

A cabinet filled with household items.Small appliances should be in working order with all parts. Coffee makers should be clean and working. That 8-year-old Mr. Coffee that’s brown with coffee and hard water stains will only cost us money to dispose of! Vintage appliances are always welcome!


We love furniture and even many pieces you think are beyond hope can be refinished/repurposed. However, if we can’t sell it, we have to take it to the dump which costs us money! Here are some guidelines on furniture we have difficulty selling:

  • Furniture Made Out of Fiberboard: it just doesn’t sell!
  • Mattresses/Box Springs
  • Upholstered Recliners
  • Anything with upholstery that’s soiled or in poor condition
  • We do accept couches and sofas, but we ask that you send us pictures first
  • Office furniture: desks, credenzas, or chairs

Please feel free to call us at (916) 434-0622 or email pictures to [email protected] so we can review your furniture before bringing it to us.


Electronics must be in excellent working condition and current models.

These are just a few of things we love to have donated, but there are so many other items that we gratefully accept. Please call or email us if you have any questions about what you’d like to donate.

Your generosity in sharing your donations with FieldHaven is so appreciated. Every cat or kitten that we help through the income of our stores thank you, too.

Oh, yeah, don’t forget to come and shop too!

All donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

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