A Hero Among Us: Champy Receives an Award!

A Hero Among Us: Champy Receives an Award!

A distinguished honor was bestowed upon FieldHaven’s spokecat Champy last night at the Annual Placer SPCA Funny Bones event.

For everything he does and everything he represents, Champy was a recipient of the esteemed Hero Award presented by Placer SPCA.

Accompanied by FieldHaven staff and volunteers, Champy attended the gala event on April 1. Champy was recognized at the event for the awareness he brings to FieldHaven and all animal welfare organizations.

Champy demonstrates his networking finesse in many types of events, including presentations in schools, riding in parades, TV and radio appearances, meeting with city officials, campaigning on the steps of the Capital and even doing an opening of a ballet!

Champy came to FieldHaven in September, 2014 as part of the September 60 Project where nearly 60 cats were rescued from an overcrowded home. He had a serious eye infection that robbed him of his sight and his eyes were eventually surgically removed. FieldHaven staff and volunteers found the kitten to have an exceptional easy, going and affectionate personality who thrived on attention.

He quickly became the icon for the “September 60” project and soon gained many adoring followers. We received requests for him to appear at events and even visit people in hospice. Champy is never bothered by traveling, in fact, he seems to enjoy the adventure.

In November 2015, we opened Champy’s Catfé inside the FieldHaven Marketplace building in downtown Lincoln. Champy lives most of the time in the Catfé, greeting customers and doing an excellent job of representing cats in need!

Please visit Champy at Champy’s Catfé at 454 F Street in Lincoln. You can also follow along on his adventures including last week’s trip to the beach on Champy’s Facebook page.

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