2nd Chance Feral Ranch – A Truly Innovative Program

2nd Chance Feral Ranch – A Truly Innovative Program

Employ a Rodent Ranger or Two for Your Barn

Spring is here…and all the pesky critters will be coming out of their cozy winter dwellings. The time is perfect to employ some FieldHaven Rodent Rangers!

2nd Chance Feral RanchOur Rodent Rangers are ready to go to work for you. They have all been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and screened by our veterinary staff. We have 3 different job descriptions for you to choose from:

  • Barn Pal – these cats want to hang out with you while you’re doing your chores and, if you take a break, they might even jump on your lap to get some extra bonding time. They’ll do their job in between helping with the barn chores.
  • Lone Ranger – the shy type that thinks you might not be all bad but they’re just not quite sure. They will keep a safe distance but once in awhile you might have the honor to be allowed a pat on the head or gentle pet. They are pretty serious about their work.
  • Raging Bull – you might catch of glimpse of these kids when you go out to late night barn check. During the day you may spot them snoozing high up in the hay barn. But, oh yes, they are out there doing their jobs!

Save Lives By Donating!

FieldHaven’s Rodent Rangers have been saved from euthanasia in municipal shelters. They are the cats literally on their last life with no place to go.

FieldHaven gives these cats a Second Chance – really their last chance.

We are proud to be building the 2nd Chance Feral Ranch this year to help more cats destined for euthanasia.

To learn more about the 2nd Chance Feral Ranch and donate to help fund its construction, click the button below.

Join the Posse Today!


This place is amazing! We adopted two feral cats as mousers and it worked out great! FieldHaven staff did a great job of finding us just the right feral cats for our family.

– Hope S. and Mr. Zazzles

We adopted two feral cats to get rid of the rodents and it has worked out great! Jen did a great job matching us with the right cats and my dogs have accepted them too! Thank you, Fieldhaven!

– Shareen E.

Cruz the Pool Cat

Cruz in his condo I made Cruz and Camy, our adopted FieldHaven Rodent Rangers, this kitty condo and they love sleeping in it, even on a nice day like today. They have turned out to be great pets.

– Christy W-H and Cruz the Pool Cat

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