Partnership with SF SPCA

Partnership with SF SPCA

SF SPCA team coordinating with FieldHaven to find the best placement for cats from each shelter.

Animal shelters across the globe are sharing resources and developing partnerships with one another with the common goal of placing more animals in homes. Shelters in large cities tend to place most animals in smaller homes and apartments, whereas shelters in more rural areas frequently place animals in larger indoor/outdoor environments. Some outdoor living spaces include areas where a cat can be a successful barn cat. When we received a call from the San Francisco SPCA looking for indoor-only cats, we were thrilled to partner with them.

On Wednesday, February 24, SF SPCA staff arrived at FieldHaven to see our unique shelter and meet with the staff and volunteers. The purpose of their visit was to return to their incredible shelter with twelve indoor-only cats. With San Francisco being a large city, indoor-only cats are much easier to place in apartments, small homes, or condos. In return, we accepted two cats into our adoption program which would be better suited in indoor/outdoor homes. This type of partnership is a win-win because these cats will find homes faster in cities that fit their needs. It also allowed FieldHaven the opportunity to intake twelve more from our community.

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