Cat Fancy?

Cat Fancy?

Cat Fancy. The lovable manx, Hot Rod! Lincoln's Cat of the Week!Hello! This is your favorite FieldHaven kitty, the one the only Hot Rod

In my last report, I mentioned that Cat Fancy was considering interviewing me for a magazine story. I was thrilled at the thought of finally being “discovered” as a feline star because that is what I am. It’s what I do.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. Ok, I need to “fess-up” – I made that up! I think I am definitely worthy of being in a national magazine and I am sure that you do, too. Maybe I thought that if I put the idea out there, it would happen. Hey, who knows maybe it still will! Drop the editors at CF a note and suggest that you know this fabulous, beautiful, talented kitty, and I can really bring a new understanding of the Manx defect to the readers.

Would I want to focus on that? Maybe not. I do not want to emphasize my disabilities. I’m not some poor weak kitty who is sitting around waiting to cross that Rainbow Bridge. How would my shelter-mates treat me should I ever become a “covercat”?

I value their friendship too much to chance their feeling different about me in any way.

Life is really terrific here at FieldHaven. Uncle Jared gives me more treats than I deserve. I’m everybody’s darling. Only one thing could be better than this and that’s if I could have a “forever home.”

My life long dream of being featured on the cover of Cat Fancy will not be realized And that is not such a bad thing after all. Sorry about the little “white-lie.”

Hot Rod

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