Fair Warning to Felines

Fair Warning to Felines

Hello to all of my adoring fans! This is the one and the only FieldHaven feline princess, Hot Rod.

Well, first of all, I did not have to go to Dr. Jyll’s again for the weekend (thank goodness), so I had a chance to rest up at the trailer and do my usual playing with other cats. There were a few situations that occurred last Monday which I need to get cleared up and off of my chest.

When I first got to the trailer, my volunteer friend, Jared, who comes on Mondays, was there. He usually supplies all of us kitties with cat treats, so I asked him for some. He gave me a small handful (this is usually all I am allowed to have). Now, Saber came into the picture as I was eating and thought about trying to steal a couple of treats from me. Of course, I warned her against doing this and she decided to back away. I have a message for Saber and any other cat that even thinks about doing this neat little trick in the future: I just want to remind all of you FieldHaven felines that my middle name, as far as the felines go, is “FieldHaven Cat Champ.” I have also been referred to as “Ms. Double Tough.” Here is a translation for cats like Saber: “I might be small in size, but I have been blessed with the heart of a tiger, tons of courage, and then there is also the well-known fact that I do not back down when I am challenged.” With that being said, felines, please take note. If any one of you tries to steal cat treats from me in the future, then you might want to check on your medical plans first, because I can tell you that doing something like this is going to result in a catfight. I can also tell you that the possibility of you winning such a battle is somewhere between slim and none (and Slim just walked out the door). Most of the FieldHaven cats get as many cat treats as they ask for, but I am only given a few treats. If you all could put yourselves in my paws, you can easily see why I might feel this way.

The second thing that I want to cover is a little misunderstanding that I had with my volunteer friend Jared. I know that I am extremely good looking (I might go so far as to refer to myself as gorgeous), but even gorgeous felines need their quiet time. What I mean by that is, I do not have to be petted and 24 hours a day. When I am interested in being petted, then I have no problem letting you know, but when I ask you to leave me be then I would appreciate it in the future if you did just that.

This is Hot Rod, signing off for now.

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