Furry Companions at Golden Village

Furry Companions at Golden Village

Golden Village Apartment Complex is a “no pets allowed” community on 1st Street in Lincoln. While the “no pets” rule applies to most residents, some are able to have small companion pets, such as cats and dogs, with a written prescription from their doctor. FieldHaven applauds Golden Village’s policy that all companion animals must be spayed or neutered and for their understanding of the healing powers of pets. When FieldHaven won the Furry Friends award from Iams, we wondered what we would do with 20,000 pounds of cat and dog food. It was quickly decided to share the bounty with local rescue groups, shelters, human support groups with feeding programs for their pets such as Meals on Wheels and Loaves and Fishes, and our companion friends at Golden Village Apartments.

In early June, Junior volunteer Alexis Arancibia, her father, fellow volunteer Jaime and Volunteer Coordinator Peri Oldham ventured to the apartment complex for a visit to former FieldHaven resident Clarisse the cat. Clarisse instantly fell in love with her new family and closest companion Carmen when adopted last fall. She quickly advanced to “queen” status in the household and runs the show with her demands for love, attention and treats. The volunteers from FieldHaven went door-to-door visiting the residents and taking a survey of who had companion animals. At first, the residents were cautious about our presence, but that quickly turned to gratitude when they discovered we weren’t asking anything from them, but rather wanted to share our bounty of Iams food with them. On July 5th, that bounty was delivered.

FieldHaven is glad to have established a relationship with Golden Village, the residents and their companions. It helps in our efforts to spread the good news about the healing power of pets, the education of responsible pet ownership, and the importance of spaying/ neutering of animals. Thank you, Golden Village, for your friendship.

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