IAMS Grant Arrives at FieldHaven

IAMS Grant Arrives at FieldHaven

Food arrived in two tractor trailers!

This definitely falls under the “be careful what you ask for” category! Each year at the end of the Home 4 the Holidays adoption campaign, IAMS ask participating groups to submit a summary of the success of their individual campaign. From the 2000+/- groups, they select five groups that they feel have done an outstanding job of promoting adoptions, involving the community, and educating the public on responsible pet ownership. For our 2004 campaign, we were selected as one of the five recipients to receive a $5,000 grant. Last year, the award changed significantly to 1,000-pounds of pet food, but hey, who could turn down food?! We were thrilled to, once again, be selected from all those awesome groups, shelters, rescues, etc. as one of the five recipients.

Sharing with other rescue groups.

Janice Covington and Joy Smith of FieldHaven congratulate Ann and Herman Dickson on winning the Count the Kibble Challenge.

But IAMS had something up their sleeve! They upped the ante just a bit from 1,000-pounds to 20,000-pounds of food! Holy schmoley! Ten tons! That’s a lot of kitty food! More than twenty-three pallets in two tractor trailers! Our solution was to share it all with our peers and other groups that have animal programs.

In addition, we asked some “people” groups, like Meals on Wheels and Loaves and Fishes, to join the festivities, so the pets of the people those groups help could benefit as well. To make things even more fun, we had a “Count the Kibble” contest to guess how many kibbles were in the trucks. We estimated there were 50,255,400! Our thanks to IAMS and all the great volunteers who helped with this effort.

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