Foster a Kitten

A grey and white tabby cat.

Everyone Loves Kittens!

At FieldHaven Feline Center, we consider a kitten to be a cat that is under the age of one year. We refer to kittens between six months and one year as “teenagers.” Kittens can start weaning from nursing beginning at approximately five to six weeks of age.

When a kitten comes into your home, the time commitment generally ranges from one to six weeks, until it is old enough to be spayed or neutered and readied for adoption. Kittens can be fixed once they reach a minimum of two pounds. FieldHaven holds classes throughout the year on how to handle the kittens safely and socialize them for adoption.

During this kitten stage, kittens need a lot of human interaction and playtime to socialize them for their forever family. Foster kittens generally provide hours and hours of entertainment, joy, and sheer cuteness for their foster families. We encourage our fosters to take pictures and videos to post to their social media accounts about their foster kittens. It is also important to pay attention to their personalities, so you can provide information that might help them get adopted faster.

Sometimes we will have kittens arrive at Fieldhaven who have never been touched by humans. They often need extra time and patience to learn that humans are trustworthy and wonderful life-long companions. While everyone loves to play with sweet, fluffy, purring kittens, we are always looking for special foster homes with the animal-whisperer touch for the semi-feral kittens.

Become a Foster Parent!

You can make a difference in a kitten’s life. If you are interested in fostering a kitten, please fill out the foster application form.