Neuter (or Spay) Your Ex!

Neuter (or Spay) Your Ex!

Whether your heart was broken years ago or just recently, FieldHaven can help you heal it, not to mention, you’ll be helping cats at the same time.

We’re calling it a “fix” for jilted lovers.

Neuter your EX for Valentine’s Day!

That’s right, for just $25, you can send us the name of your EX, and we’ll name a feral cat after him or her, neuter them, and return them to their outdoor home… because some of ’em shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

Even better, we’ll post a photo of your “EX” on our social media pages so you can proudly share that you got your EX neutered to help cats… and heal your broken heart.

Neuter My EX Now

It’s part of FieldHaven’s TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program that helps save lives, allows us to coexist peacefully with outdoor cats, and prevents unwanted litters of kittens. TNR is a vital component to keeping the cat population under control in any community, and this way we can help each other.

So hurry! Donate $25 now to have your EX neutered just in time for Valentine’s Day… because some of ’em shouldn’t be allowed to breed!

Neuter My EX Now

P.S. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram to see your freshly neutered EX… so you can share it with everyone.

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