Good News for Wild Remedy

Good News for Wild Remedy

This past year has been one of love and lifesaving for cats in Lincoln and our surrounding communities, thanks to you. But as we move toward the new year and work to continually give second chances, we must work together to keep making that positive impact.

Just a couple of days ago we shared a story of Wild Remedy, his siblings, and his parents—a beautiful little Scottish Fold family who were sadly the victims of neglect. In those two days, this little family has already shown our team appreciation as we work to make them feel safe and loved—not to mention Wild Remedy is doing so much better! You can see it for yourself in his bright, expressive eyes—we truly feel he has turned a corner!

Through your compassion and generosity, your passion for saving their lives truly shines through. You’ve given them healing and the best chance possible to find homes. You’ve provided them with second chances when they had nowhere else to turn. You’ve saved their lives.

Donate One Last Time in 2023

We hope that you are inspired to give one last time in 2023 and that you’ll share your compassion with others—because that simple share can help us grow our cat-loving community and save more lives.

Make a tax-deductible donation online or mail a check to FieldHaven Feline Center, 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln, 95648.

Our happiest New Year wishes to you and yours, and thank you for being our guiding light through the holiday season.

P.S. We’ll be posting some videos of Wild Remedy and his family on our Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow up for continued updates and more lifesaving stories! Thank you for helping us save their lives!

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