12 Saves of 2023 #12: The Lightbulb Kittens

12 Saves of 2023 #12: The Lightbulb Kittens

Lifesaving takes a village. From partners to cat advocates to kind, ethical people, it takes every single one of us to make a positive impact…and a little bit of…light.

We’re very lucky to have a partnership with Recology in Marysville. When they find a cat or kitten who has somehow made its way into the landfill facility, we’re contacted to scoop ’em up and triage the situation.

In this case, it was six little bitties who needed our help.

We don’t know how they ended up at the dump but what Recology told us is that they found them in a lightbulb box in the pit, which is where all the loads of garbage end up. We’d like to imagine the mama cat was looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, hoping for a better life, and hid her babies in a lightbulb box. We’re all grateful that there was a shining light at the landfill that enabled them to be rescued, and that the team at Recology called us when they found them.

The six lightbulb kittens were placed in a foster home where they were spoiled, to say the least. They even gained a temporary foster brother in the form of a Golden Retriever.

But apparently, they decided that dumpster diving wasn’t enough. Nope, they tested positive for Panleukopenia, a highly contagious viral disease of cats caused by the feline parvovirus – and often life-threatening if not caught early on. Between our staff and volunteers, we successfully treated them and they came out on the other side happy, playful, and clearly, easy on the eyes. How about that for lifesaving?!

We’re lucky they had already been in foster care and their health was thriving when they showed the first signs of Panleukopenia, because it’s not easy to treat. They already had embraced their adventures, so one more bump in the road was no big deal for them—but their outcomes could have been so different.

We are so grateful that the team at Recology found them and called us, that they landed in one of our experienced foster homes, and that they had the fighting spirit we continually talk about. Their lives were saved because of our wonderful village.

Just a couple of weeks ago they were all adopted. They’re now getting into new adventures of climbing Christmas trees, opening carefully wrapped presents, and chasing new siblings, two and four-legged alike. And it’s your consistent support that allowed this to happen. Whether you donate, adopt, volunteer, foster, or share our social media—all of that matters. Thank you for such a blessed year.

Happiest of PAWlidays,
– Joy Smith, executive director of FieldHaven

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