12 Saves of 2023 #8: Angel

12 Saves of 2023 #8: Angel

Back in August, a tiny kitten named Angel went through the unthinkable… and survived. We don’t know what happened, but what we do know, is that her future is bright.

Angel was the typical happy, playful, friendly kitten. She was healthy. Well cared for. Her coat was glossy, and she had just the right amount of kitten chubbiness. Someone loved her.

Then, something happened. Perhaps someone stepped on her, or perhaps she jumped off something, but suddenly, this tiny, delicate kitten wasn’t walking—just dragging her legs behind her. Perhaps someone didn’t know what to do or thought Angel would get better or didn’t have money for a vet, but when things got worse, that unthinkable thing happened.

Someone took Angel out to a remote location and left her on the side of the road.

We don’t even want to think about what *could* have happened.

Thankfully, another Angel appeared, this one named Kelly. She was putting her farm animals to bed when she heard a tiny cry, over and over again. She looked around and there was Angel, scurrying towards her as fast as she could, collecting brush and sticks with her hind legs, much like a rake collecting leaves. She looked up at Kelly with a clear cry for help.

Kelley tried to find Angel’s family, not knowing what could have happened. When no one came forward, she went to FieldHaven for help.

We found no microchip and our veterinarian agreed that her back legs didn’t appear to be functional. We took her in and scheduled a neurology consultation at UC Davis. They confirmed that Angel is paralyzed, likely for life.

The good news is that paralyzed cats can lead happy lives with very specific care—assistance in going to the bathroom, staying clean, and sometimes, getting around. All of this can be learned, and there are support groups across a variety of platforms.

The other good news is that Angel is just like any other kitten. She loves playtime, snuggles, good food, a comfortable place to call home, and people.

Today Angel is an adorable little being worthy of life—SO much life—and she is officially looking for that home.

Watch Angel’s Adorable Video

It’s certainly troubling that Angel’s journey started the way that it did because there are ALWAYS solutions better than abandonment (not to mention it’s a punishable crime), but we are grateful that Angel ended up with us.

Your donations this holiday season will spread joy on so many levels. It will help us prevent situations like this from happening in the first place, it will directly benefit Angel, and it will help others who, like her, had nowhere else to go.

Angel is looking for a home for the holiday. Could yours be the one? If you’d like to learn more about her care and what to expect, just reply or give us a call at (916) 434-6922. We know that her charm and incredibly sweet personality will win you over in no time!

Happiest of PAWlidays,
– Joy Smith, executive director of FieldHaven

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P.S. If you find yourself struggling with a pet, please don’t ever consider abandonment. It’s not a solution, but we can help find one.

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