Big News on Mamoa!

Big News on Mamoa!

BIG NEWS on Mamoa aka L557 aka my (former) boyfriend.

Meet Terri. She is adopting Mamoa this week!

Terri’s 91 year old mom, Jo, sent an adoption survey for Mamoa practically before he landed in Sacramento. She was applying on behalf of Terri, who is out of town on business. They live together and Jo felt it was time for Terri to have a new feline in her life. Her heart is still hurting over the loss of her kitty Maui (yes!) to brain cancer.

Guess where Terri is traveling this week? Maui! She came to the Annex Recovery Center on Friday where we chatted to see if they’ll be a good fit for each other (they are!). Then, she came to volunteer for the past two days!

This week, she’ll be headed back to the mainland and will officially adopt Mamoa. Next time I see them, they’ll be living happily ever after together!

It hasn’t even been two months since I met this interesting kitty and feel like I’ve known him his whole life.

Watch for adorable photos later this week!

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