Joy’s Maui Diary: Highlights of the Week

Joy’s Maui Diary: Highlights of the Week

October 14 – Apela Colorado was looking for her favorite kitty. She lost her husband, an artist, a year ago. In August, she lost her home and the art beautifully handcrafted by her late husband. She got out just in time to see her home go up in a blaze. We knew him as L504. He was not chipped so we got a positive ID from a photo is his unique markings! Never give up and microchips are great but not the end all. PS – he’s now chipped!


We went to Surf Cat Ranch today to pick up a kitty. What a fun place for the kitties that live there! In the sanctuary part they have so many places to hang out and enjoy the sun and ocean breezes. We met Curt, Linda’s dedicated hubby and Morgan, a staffer took us on a tour. It’s a beautiful drive there!

We visited Cat Cafe Maui in the mall. To say we were impressed is an understatement!

There were 20+ cats and kittens for adoption in the large inviting space. So many fun places for both people and kitties to settle in to have a snuggle, play with every kitty toy imaginable or share some treats. The kitties are all friendly and healthy. Well, except for one tiny dude who had just arrived and was a bit overwhelmed by all the space and especially seeing himself in the mirror. He growled and hissed at himself, giving us all a big giggle! 🙀

Several kitties from the Lahaina fire are here looking for a foster-to-adopt home. Each kitty sports a pretty collar with a name tag and a red heart. ❤️

Moriah and her staff are so welcoming and knowledgeable about each kitty. They do several adoptions each day with many kitties flying across the ocean with their new family to homes on the mainland.

But it isn’t just potential adopters who visit the kitties. Many people come just to get purr therapy. For $20 a person you can visit for up to 50 minutes. Pretty inexpensive therapy!

If you happen to fall in love, the adoption process is brief and efficient. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way with your new purr partner!! Of course, everyone is spayed/neutered, microchipped and all that good stuff.

I can’t fail to mention the great merch the cafe has! I’m wearing my adorbs T-shirt right now and drank out of my logo coffee mug this morning.

If you’re on Maui, you just gotta go here!

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