Thank You – From the Bottom of Our Paws

Thank You – From the Bottom of Our Paws

We’re smiling from ear to ear this morning after yesterday’s Big Day of Giving, and we really only have one thing to say… thank YOU!

Our village is amazing and we are grateful for your support!


And who are we kidding? Of course, we have more to say!

Your donations are already being put to work. Gilda, a sweet young girl, ended up a Sutter Animal Services Authority as a stray. When no one claimed her, one of our vets asked if we could take her. She needed an urgent and massive dental procedure. We reached out to one of our veterinary partners, VCA Northpointe Animal Hospital, and they provided the full-mouth extraction at a hugely discounted cost, and now Gilda is recovering in our care. She is incredibly sweet and pain-free now, and soon, she will be ready for a home of her own!

Yesterday was an incredible day and it was truly all thanks to you.

Some fun facts about what went on behind the scenes yesterday:

  • We spayed and neutered 28 cats!
  • Several cats were adopted!
  • About six very young, vulnerable kittens came to us and are now warm, cozy, have full bellies, and are headed to foster care.
  • The shelter cats had quite the homemade, gourmet meals! If you saw our videos on Facebook, you know what we are talking about!

In addition, we had amazing support from people like you, thanks to Big Day of Giving.

  • Of 748 nonprofits participating, we placed 39 for total dollars raised!
  • Of 119 Placer County nonprofits, we’re at 3rd for total dollars raised!
  • Of 69 animal nonprofits, we’re at 6th in total dollars raised!

We are still counting those donations but we are confident we exceeded our goal of $75,000… all THANKS TO YOU.

P.S. If you missed Big Day of Giving, don’t worry, of course: you can still give! Donate by mail to 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648, or use the Big Day of Giving link here, because that will stay open. Thank you again for your generosity. We are so grateful for our village of support!

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