Lifesaving Doesn’t Take Holidays

Lifesaving Doesn’t Take Holidays

It was late November when Sir Teddy Chonk arrived in our care, after spending most of his five years roaming a local neighborhood. He wasn’t looking so well so a concerned neighbor reached out for help, but when the answer he got was a recommendation for euthanasia, he knew that couldn’t be the only option.

One last 2022 donation

Lifesaving doesn’t take holidays, so even though this all first went down around Thanksgiving, we jumped to help. Sir Teddy Chonk had some battle wounds for sure, but those were easily treated. The more serious issue was a condition called entropion, where his eyelids and eyelashes curl in and irritate his eyes. He needed a double entropian surgery to help eliminate the pain in his eyes and prevent blindness, so we got to work right away, giving him that chance he deserved.

We knew immediately upon meeting Sir Teddy Chonk that his life was valuable, even if he was a former street cat. We knew that even though he may look different, we had to be here for him. So we were. After all, lifesaving doesn’t take holidays.

Now, a month later, he looks much better! He is sweet, friendly and loves a good catnap. His purr is loud, his charm irresistible, and his desire to share his unconditional love and appreciation for people is overwhelming.

Sir Teddy Chonk is our last plea for 2022. We saved him from unnecessary euthanasia thanks to your support. Will you help us continue to provide that care to cats in need for the next year?

As 2022 wraps, we’re definitely celebrating all of the lives we’ve saved, the people and cats who we’ve impacted, and the services provided to our immediate and surrounding communities. We are dedicated to continuing this in 2023—enhancing it even more—but we need your help to do that.

You can see how impactful your donations are. If you’ve already made a year-end gift to FieldHaven, thank you! If not, can we count on your support one more time? Every gift is tax-deductible, and every amount is just as important.

You can change someone’s life with your donations, and that is a reason more than anything to celebrate. Wishing you the most wonderful 2023 ahead, and thank you for being such an incredible advocate for cats.

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P.S. Sir Teddy Chonk is almost ready for a home, so he’s available as a foster-to-adopt. That means he can go home now yet we’ll continue his medical care, letting him spend the holiday with a new family! Interested? Fill out the adoption survey here to get started!

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