12 Saves of Christmas: Day #11 – Jaeger & Schnitzel

12 Saves of Christmas: Day #11 – Jaeger & Schnitzel

Each day, we’ll share one of FieldHaven’s 12 most heartwarming cat saves of 2021. Each happy story was made possible through your generosity!

Jaeger and Schnitzel are two adult cats who prefer to live and play outdoors. Born in the Shasta Lake area, they never had any care, nor had they met humans, until earlier this year. When a big rescue effort began in that area, they were brought to FieldHaven so that we could set them up for future success in a home of their own.

In November, a family who was looking for a way to keep their property rodent-free heard about a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program called Meowysville, a collaborative effort to keep outdoor cats, safe, healthy, and peacefully coexisting among the community. It gave them the idea to adopt a pair of feral cats, or rodent rangers, as we call them.

Jaeger and Schnitzel had been living outdoors at FieldHaven for a few months and we knew they were ready for a place of their own. When the family reached out about adopting two outdoor cats, we knew it was the right fit for them.

Their new family had built a cool outdoor cat mansion, where they would stay until they acclimated to their new routine and property. We had recommended six weeks to acclimate, and this week is their official release!

Jaeger is still more on the quiet side, keeps to herself, and enjoys birdwatching. She comes out more often at night, and is ready to take her hunting skills to the next level.

Schnitzel has surprised everyone, because he’s come out of his shell and is actually very friendly and playful.

Community cats, or outdoor cats, provide all natural exterior pest control in exchange for safe living and working environments. In many shelters they are still considered “unadoptable” but at FieldHaven we know they deserve second chances too—and they get that chance, thanks to you.

Jaeger and Schnitzel represent the many outdoor cats in our community who we consistently strive to care for, thanks to your donations and a team of dedicated volunteers.

All of this is thanks to you.

TNR is a neverending project, so today we ask you to help us sustain it. It’s one of our programs that will benefit from holiday donations—and right now, all donations are doubled! That means you can help not one, but two cats!

Donate Now!

Please donate today. It’s the gift that keeps giving, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and paws, for your support.
– Joy Smith, executive director of FieldHaven

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