12 Saves of Christmas: Day #12 – Lucy

12 Saves of Christmas: Day #12 – Lucy

Each day, we’ll share one of FieldHaven’s 12 most heartwarming cat saves of 2021. Each happy story was made possible through your generosity!

Lucy was found in a situation no one should have to endure. There was an old abandoned house in a run-down neighborhood. It was condemned and the city was going to tear it down when concerned neighbors reached out to FieldHaven for help. They had seen cats in the area, including inside the house, and they wanted to help get them out before the house was demolished. Dallas, our operations manager, organized a team of people to help, including her family and neighbors—everyone wanted what was best for the cats.

It took several days but all of the cats were rescued. Lucy was found stuck to a glue trap, the kind used for mice. She was surrounded by her kittens, and luckily, everyone was fine. She wasn’t even 10-months-old with kittens herself, and despite everything, she was sweet, recognizing that we were there to help.

Sloane, a longtime FieldHaven supporter, had just lost her 19-year-old cat. She and her husband were heartbroken. She remembered being told when you lose a cat, honor them by giving another homeless cat a home. So, she began looking at cats at FieldHaven, and found Lucy. She and her husband were drawn to her, so they set up a visit.

It was instantly a match. They named her Lucy because it meant light, which was fitting for both her and their situation. Today, Lucy is beautiful, fluffy, attentive and appreciative. She loves to sit on their laps, is known for stealing a bite of human food here and there, and loves to watch television. Sloane tells us that Lucy fills their hearts and brings joy to their home, and they can’t imagine life without her.

We often say that our pets rescue us. Lucy may have had a rough start to her young life, but in the end, it all worked out. She helped her new family heal, and they helped her heal.

At FieldHaven, we rely entirely on donations to sustain our programs, save lives, and ensure we have the means to jump into urgent situations like this one. We often find that most people are kind, and want to help cats, and therefore, we want to help them. Your kindness enables us to do this.

Today is Christmas Eve, and we ask that you donate to FieldHaven in honor of your cats, giving back to another cat in need. With a holiday match of $60,000, our goal is to equally raise that, so that together, we can start 2022 on a positive note.

Donate Now!

Please donate today in honor of a pet you love, and know that because your donation is doubled, you are helping not one, but two cats. That’s a pretty good way to celebrate Christmas Eve, don’t you think?
– Joy Smith, executive director of FieldHaven

P.S. Thank you for all that you do. Every life saved is thanks to your generosity.

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