12 Saves of Christmas: Day #5 – Chuva

12 Saves of Christmas: Day #5 – Chuva

Each day, we’ll share one of FieldHaven’s 12 most heartwarming cat saves of 2021. Each happy story was made possible through your generosity!

Just a few weeks ago, Northpoint Veterinary Hospital referred a concerned citizen to FieldHaven Feline Center when she found a young kitty stuck on a roof. The good Samaritan was elderly and couldn’t climb the roof herself, so our team quickly responded. It took several volunteers for the rescue, and they discovered the kitten’s back end and legs were stuck in the rain gutter under the leaf guards. How she got herself stuck and how long she was there, we’ll never know.

Our volunteer team stood by all day, working to safely and carefully extract her. We had an emergency vet clinic on standby in case she needed to be rushed in for care. Luckily, once she was freed, she didn’t have any apparent injuries – she was simply hungry and dirty. We named her Chuva.

It’s thanks to your support we were able to take this call and rescue Chuva on our own. Our team is skilled, knowing when they can handle situations and when they need to ask for help. We work with vet partners who, thankfully, are able to be on standby when we need them. Our community is kind, and wants to help, and your support helps us cultivate these relationships.

Chuva was likely born outdoors, but because she was friendly, we took her in, provided care and a foster home until she was ready for adoption. Just this week, Chuva was adopted and is now spending her first holiday season with a loving family. We were able to do this because your donations allow us to create and sustain lifesaving programs, helping everyone.

You saved Chuva. We may have been the boots on the ground, but it’s your generosity that makes that happen.

This holiday season, your generosity goes even farther, because all donations up to $60,000 are matched! That means that not only can you feel good knowing Chuva is safe, but you can help others just like her. Please give a gift this holiday season in honor of Chuva, and know that your funds will help us continue rescue efforts. We truly cannot do this without you.

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With sincerest thanks and warm wishes for the holidays,
– Joy Smith, executive director of FieldHaven

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