Flood of Kittens, Flood of Adoptions

Flood of Kittens, Flood of Adoptions

Elah the kitten and her new human sister went home together after last weekend’s adoption event.

FieldHaven has never experienced such a flood of kittens as we’ve had this summer. Never. We’re seeing a tiny bit of light, but we’re still getting a ridiculous number of requests to help kittens every single day!

One thing that’s helped is that we’ve also had a huge number of adoptions. Thinking back over the strange year of 2020, there were entire months where we had adoptions in the single digits.

In the first ten business days of September, we’ve adopted out a whopping 55 cats and kittens – and we’ve got many more!

If you know someone whose home would be cuddlier with a new cat, please send them to see photos of all our adoptable cats here. At last count, we had 70 available!

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