A Message from Our Executive Director

A Message from Our Executive Director

A message from our Executive Director (long read but worth it ’cause we need you):

I don’t know any other way to say it. We need help. If you want to help cats in Placer and/or Yuba Counties, please keep reading…

In FieldHaven’s 18 years we’ve had times when we’re overwhelmed with cats and kittens needing help. We always anticipate the months of May through September to be challenging with keeping up with the needs of kittens in our communities with July being the worst. But this year is beyond anything I have ever seen! For the past five or six years we’ve enjoyed the luxury of Placer County being an easy-to-manage area cat and kitten wise. That’s the result of years of hard work of FieldHaven and our partners hammering home a simple message: SPAY & NEUTER.

Last year we could not do that. With the COVID pandemic we shut down spay/neuter for several months and then had our productivity slashed.

If anyone thinks that NOT spaying and neuter doesn’t have an effect, come visit us. We now have over 200 kittens in foster with over 100 of them being adoptable. The adopters aren’t beating down the doors like they were in May. We’re cutting kitten adoption fees by 40% and more to $75, which presents an even greater “loss” financially as each kitten costs us an average of $350 to bring to adoptable status.

We literally have no more room or fosters so we’ve had to let residents of Placer and Yuba Counties that we can no longer take in kittens for at least three weeks. What does that mean to all of you? It does NOT mean we are not here to help. We can help but we need YOUR help just as much in return. We need your help with:

  • Caring for kittens you find. We can advise and give you resources but we just cannot intake them.
  • Trapping of feral and community cats. We can get them spayed & neutered to stop the cycle but we are short of people to help with trapping.
  • Feeding feral colonies. This is important so that the cats are properly fed and monitored. It works best if you can share feeding duties with someone else so you’re not committed to every day.

How to get involved? Join our TNR Squad page, where you’ll find opportunities to help, you can ask questions, learn about trapping and TNR and meet up with other cat-minded people.

Thank you in advance, for sharing this, telling your people, volunteering and taking that first step. We CAN do this…. together. It’s not a job for any one person, but rather, a job for all of us together.

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