Your Cat in a FieldHaven Mural?

Your Cat in a FieldHaven Mural?

The FieldHaven Feline Photo Mural contest launches today! The top vote-getters in five categories will be featured in a mural inside the FieldHaven Marketplace thrift store in Lincoln, plus there are cool weekly prizes. Check out the contest here.

It’s super easy to participate. Just upload a photo ($5), then encourage your friends and family to vote ($1 each) for your pet. Submit a photo in one (or all!) of these categories:

  • Love Birds – two or more cats being affectionate with each other
  • My Weird Cat – cat in an unusual pose or outfit
  • Wild at Heart – outdoor cat
  • Odd Couple – cat with another species
  • Just Because – cat photo that doesn’t fit any of the categories above

All proceeds will support FieldHaven’s work finding solutions for cats in need!

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