12 Saves of Christmas – Outdoor Family – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #7

12 Saves of Christmas – Outdoor Family – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #7

12 Saves of Christmas – FieldHaven’s Heartwarming Save #7: Outdoor Family

Each day, we will share one of FieldHaven’s 12 most heartwarming cat saves of 2020. Each happy story was made possible through your generosity!

On a lovely October morning, Lynn was taking her daily walk when she noticed some feral cats down in a culvert. She counted two adults and four kittens. She asked around the neighborhood and found the cat’s feeder, Robin.

Robin told Lynn that this was mom cat’s fourth litter. Lynn reached out to FieldHaven about their Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program. A volunteer, Tracy, worked with Lynn and over the course of the next month until all six cats were humanely trapped.

FieldHaven provided spay and neuter surgery and vaccinations to the family and, one by one, the cats were released back to their outdoor home. Tracy also built a shelter for them for their protection and for the upcoming winter. They situated the house in a safe place out of view, and the cats moved in!

Robin looks after the cats, feeding them every day, and Lynn checks in on them on her daily walks. They are all doing so well and, best of all, there will be no additional kittens born.

TNR is the most humane and effective way to assist feral cats. However, most people cannot afford to spay and neuter a number of cats on their own.

FieldHaven’s TNR program is an essential program that supports kind citizens, like Lynn and Robin, who care about the cats and the program dramatically improves the cats’ quality of life.

When you donate to help FieldHaven’s TNR program, you are helping countless feral cats lead better lives and reducing the numbers of homeless cats in our communities at the same time. Thank you so much for your generosity that makes this program possible!

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