Shelter Temporarily Closed Due to Calicivirus

Shelter Temporarily Closed Due to Calicivirus

We have had exposure to calicivirus at FieldHaven’s shelter. Calicivirus can manifest like a simple “kitty cold” with sneezing and watery eyes, but it can also cause painful ulcers on the tongue and GI tract and painful joints. This virus is fomite driven, meaning little particles that are breathed out by one cat can infect another cat. All shelter kitties are on quarantine and any that are affected are in isolation and receiving treatment. Because this upper respiratory virus is very contagious, we have stopped any new kitties from coming into the shelter and are making sure none of our kitties leave for right now. The shelter is temporarily closed to the public until we know all kitties are healthy.

You can still adopt a FieldHaven cat or kitten at our outside venues. Some adoption fees are even sponsored! FieldHaven Marketplace (434 F Street, Lincoln), PetSmart Lincoln (920 Groveland Lane) and PetSmart Rocklin (5450 Crossings Drive) are all open for adoptions. You can view all adoptables at Thank you for understanding and helping us keep our kitties healthy and happy!

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