For Every Cat in Need, a Solution: 5 Years After September 60

For Every Cat in Need, a Solution: 5 Years After September 60

“Go the extra mile”

“Lead the charge”

“Bend over backwards”

“Think outside the box”

These are familiar phrases to us all but they could not be more aptly applied to the team at FieldHaven Feline Center. By “team,” I am referring to our staff, volunteers, and our supporters – like you.

With this trifecta of resources, we are able to accomplish truly remarkable achievements.

Over the years there are been many achievements, none more notable than the September 60 of five years ago. In early September 2014, we got a call from a concerned person that had observed “a lot” of cats at a house on a corner in Wheatland. She knocked on the door of the house and asked the home owner, a young woman, if she needed help with the cats. The answer was a tearful yes, accompanied by more tears from being overwhelmed with caring for cats that she loved but were sick and dying. She didn’t know where to turn. The passer-by wasn’t sure where to turn either, but she had heard of a place called “FieldHaven” and called us.

Within just a few days, we setup a temporary shelter in the horse barn at FieldHaven and had transferred nearly 60 cats. We put out the appeal for help and it came; from all of you, Animal Eye Center, and PetSmart Charities. Little did we know that a young kitten that was one of those 60 would become an icon for FieldHaven. Champy represents all that we are at FieldHaven. He represents you, your love, your devotion, your support. He embodies the trifecta.

This is how we roll at FieldHaven. From the cats of the September 60, to over 600 Camp Fire cats, or to two cats of a homeless woman we helped on Friday, September 27. It doesn’t matter how many, how sick, or how hopeless: we listen, we advise, we reassure, we find a solution.

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