Camp Fire Evacuation Center – Day Five

Camp Fire Evacuation Center – Day Five

Is this the end of the firestorm or just the quiet before the after storm? That’s the big question that will be answered in the coming days.

With only just a few new intakes yesterday and today it’s easy to think things are starting to wind down. Kitties should be going back to with their owners and back to their homes.

But wait…most people have no home to go back to.

Besides, from the parade of people coming in everyday asking to see the unowned pets we have here in the shelter we know there are countless frightened cats in the fire zone. We know from experience that this is true. Each person I talk to I hold their hands, embrace their tears as they show pictures of their missing kitties. I ask them to hold out hope because we know there are animals out there.

Like the four that came in today from all different locations. All sootie, hungry, frightened. One with burns on his feet, whiskers singed and fur tips completely singed.

If there’s four – there’s surely four hundred, probably many more, out there waiting to be found.

That’s what we’re waiting for. The after fire storm of animals in need.

Your support, love, donations, prayers are all need and much appreciated.

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