The Big Fix in Meowysville

The Big Fix in Meowysville

Marysville, California: a little city with a BIG problem. A cat problem. There are cats everywhere.

For years, without any non-lethal resources, people in Marysville were trapping and killing feral and stray cats in an effort to control the growing cat population, but their efforts did little to decrease their numbers. Realizing something had to be done quickly, city officials contacted FieldHaven for help. Their plea of, “What can we do to get the cat population under control?” was the only thing Joy Smith needed to hear to put together a trap, neuter, and return (TNR) team and come to the rescue.

In July, FieldHaven started a city wide TNR program in Marysville. Their newly-hired Animal Services Officer Sammons is learning all about feral cats as we work side by side with the community to set up trapping schedules and spay/neuter dates. Every Tuesday at FieldHaven’s Hathaway Surgery Suite, a stream of cats from Marysville come through our facility and, after being spayed or neutered, they are released back to where they came from and go on to live much better lives without continued breeding.

Marysville City Council has approved funds for 200 cats to be TNR’d, which is a huge start in controlling the cat population but, there will be many more who will need our help. If you would like to help raise additional TNR funds for The Big Fix in “Meowysville,” please contact Rochelle Barcellona at [email protected] or (916) 434-6022.

Your donations will help save lives.

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