Next Stop: Seattle

Next Stop: Seattle

When FieldHaven heard Yuba County Animal Care Services (YCACS) needed transport for twenty kittens to another shelter, we had to act. With kitten season in full swing, kittens were arriving every day, sometimes left in boxes at the door when the shelter was closed, leaving the shelter critically overcrowded. The only problem was the receiving shelter was hundreds of miles away in Seattle!

It was not long before staff members Scott and Jyll stepped up for the challenge. They arrived at YCACS at 5 PM on a Tuesday prepared to take the twenty abandoned kittens on the long journey north. A shelter worker then stated, “If there is room, we have five nursing mothers with kittens.” Before long, Jyll and Scott had their car loaded with not twenty, but forty felines headed for new lives in Washington.

Anyone who has traveled with children knows about bathroom stops, and kittens are no different. Every two hours, Scott and Jyll stopped to scoop and clean each and every carrier. At each rest stop, people wanted to know about this incredible, lifesaving journey and cheered them on.

They drove through the night, arriving in Tacoma earlier than anticipated and found a park where they could rest in the shade and recheck each kitty before delivering their priceless cargo. Soon, they were at Seattle Animal Services, where each cat and kitten was received into loving, open arms.

It was a thirty-nine hour labor of love for Scott and Jyll to deliver a carload of forty deserving kitties who now have a future and are sure to find loving homes where they can give and receive love, comfort and purrs for the rest of their lives.

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  1. Ellen Jones says:

    So glad to hear about these wonderful people . I will want to volunteer soon

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