Bubba’s Story

Bubba’s Story

In late October, an older orange tabby was found wandering in a Lincoln neighborhood by one of our volunteers. He had a huge, unsightly mass hanging from the right side of his face. We presumed he had been lost for some time. How else could that growth have gone untreated?

Upon examination, Dr. Alex Rensing found that he was neutered, at a healthy weight, but had no microchip. She was concerned that this possible tumor would impede his ability to eat in the future. Further examination revealed the claws on his front feet had grown into his pads, causing infection and pain. We wondered, “How long had this boy been lost?”

Dr. Rensing performed surgery and removed what turned out to be a growth weighing almost half a pound. She also trimmed his overgrown claws. This sweet boy recovered quickly and was happily purring in a very short time. He could make kitty biscuits again!

The following day, we posted the story on our Facebook pages. Within hours, we heard from a local family who said they had been searching for their tabby boy and missing him dearly! We learned that Bubba’s family had fallen on very hard times. The father had suffered from significant medical issues, which prevented him from working.

His wife, a teacher, needed to stay home with him full time and lost her job. They had sought treatment for Bubba, but the surgery would cause more financial hardship during an already challenging time. They were also worried that their beloved 14-year-old kitty might not survive surgery. They were beyond relieved to learn that not only was their boy found but he was treated as well.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the shelter when Bubba was reunited with a member of his family. When he heard that familiar voice, he jumped up and reached out of his cage! It was a heart-warming reunion that reminded us that presumptions can often be incorrect, especially in the face of true love.

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