Snap It Up has a New Home!

Snap It Up has a New Home!

Snap It Up has moved just across the street to 454 F Street inside FieldHaven Marketplace. We are beyond excited to have you come visit us in our new, larger home. You’ll recognize familiar faces and meet some new ones, and if you’re a fan of kitties, you can visit Champy and the adoptable kids in Champy’s Catfe, or just step in for a cup of coffee or tea.

All sales from Snap it Up and FieldHaven Marketplace benefit FieldHaven Feline Center, a non-profit, community-based animal shelter in Lincoln. Merchandise at FieldHaven Marketplace is all donated by our generous supporters. Champy’s Catfe inside the Marketplace hosts adoptable cats and kittens while providing a place for the public to meet them in a coffee-house style environment. Free Wi-Fi is supplied as well as complimentary coffee and tea.

FieldHaven Marketplace is open:
Monday – Saturday – 10 AM to 5 PM
Sunday – 11 AM to 3 PM

Donations Accepted:
Monday – Saturday – 11 AM to 4 PM

Donations of all clean, working, useable, sellable items are graciously accepted. The donation center is at the back of FieldHaven Marketplace, accessible by going through the parking lot and pulling up to loading dock at the back of the store.

We love specialty items that can be easily sold. We have an eBay site for selling items online that are unique and/or of value.

If you’re unsure if we would be interested in a large item, such as furniture, please email a picture to [email protected]

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