Craisin Thanks You!

Craisin Thanks You!

Barely alive, “Craisin” felt the warmth of his rescuer’s embrace as she rushed him to FieldHaven. He was saved from a most certain death of freezing alone in the cold. Emergency veterinary care and gentle, loving attention was given to the fragile cat as he fought to regain his strength. Craisin never gave up and thanks to FieldHaven; he has found his forever inside home!

Because of kind-hearted individuals like you, from all across our community, cats’ lives have been forever improved. Thank you for your role in making 2016 another record-breaking year for cats and kittens at FieldHaven Feline Center.

Our track record indicates that 2017 will be even better for cats with you by our side. As the year comes to a close please remember FieldHaven with a tax-deductible gift. Be the one to save a life like Craisin.

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