We’ve Created a New Way to Help Feral Cats

We’ve Created a New Way to Help Feral Cats

We Could Use Your Help!

FieldHaven Feline Center announces the opening of the 2nd Chance Feral Ranch!

Nearly all feral cats who wind up in shelters are deemed “unadoptable” as they’re fearful of humans and unable to adapt to the easy life most house cats enjoy.

It’s that fearful and sometimes aggressive temperament that makes them the most euthanized animals in county shelters whose budgets don’t allow for extra programs.

FieldHaven has faced this problem head-on for more than a dozen years by promoting the excellent rodent control qualities unique to feral cats in rural areas. The program, called Rodent Rangers, has been very successful… but housing these cats until a barn is found has been a big challenge!

Join the Posse and donate today! The 2nd Chance Feral Ranch will largely solve this housing problem. Situated on a secure ranch in rural Lincoln, the facility will act as a halfway house for wayward cats – temporarily housing the furry felines until a barn home opens up and they can go to work.

“FieldHaven is proud to once again serve our community by thinking outside the corral to save lives.”

Joy Smith, FieldHaven Executive Director.

One thought on “We’ve Created a New Way to Help Feral Cats”

  1. Stacey Davis says:

    How does a rescue get a cat into your Rodent Ranger program?

    We trapped a cat, did TN, but not the R. We have tried to win the cat over and get her to accept human touch with no luck. She got an eye infection which has been treated and she is clear of. Sadly, she was left blind in the eye. The concern is that she is at a disadvantage to defending herself if we return her to the colony. She is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

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