Call for Washcloths

Call for Washcloths

Merry Christmas to all of my Hot Rod fans and loyal supporters!

I feel very lucky tonight (my aunt Lori Kelly would call it feeling blessed). Uncle Jared found out that I had a few request for Christmas presents this year. I need a wide collection of new soft washcloths for my daily bladder treatments. Not only did he go out and buy me ten new soft washcloths at Walmart, but he also asked several coworkers if they had any soft old washcloths that they might like to donate. I have no idea how many I need, but my staff mom Jann seems to think the more I have, the better!

I also want to add that “a little bird” told me that my own FieldHaven brick is on its way to FieldHaven and it will probably be installed before the new year. I cannot wait to see my own personal brick on the patio!

I also have some important news to share! A few months ago, Uncle Jared and I had a long talk about me going into semi-retirement with my monthly blog writing. He says it’s time that I sort of rode off into the sunset and enjoyed life a little more. Now, don’t get me wrong:, I will be blogging here and there, but for the most part, I am ready to go into semi-retirement and this will encourage my Uncle Jared to work on publishing my Hot Rod book. I can not wait to achieve fame from my Hot Rod Reports!

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