Official Greeter

Official Greeter

Aunt Lori Kelly came to FieldHaven on the Thursday before our Classics, Cats & Cabernet fundraiser. She and other staff members were busy preparing for the big event, and I was so glad to see her. She let me know this wasn’t a social call. She had gotten a copy of my last “Hot Rod Story,” and said that we needed to discuss my outbursts towards Uncle Jared and others. I then asked her a very stupid, somewhat dangerous question, “What’s it to you?” She suggested I “void” that question for my own sake and then she took me into the visitation room where we would not be disturbed. I will not go into the whole talk but the main point was that if I did not want to get another talking-to, my attitude needed to be improved, and quickly.

Recently, Uncle Jared let me know that he was going to Idaho to visit his aunt again and I was supposed to be on my best behavior. He said our mutual friend, Diana Jones, would be keeping an eye on me while he was gone. I then let Diana know that I would give her hush money on the following Monday, to make sure she keeps quiet in case I get into trouble. This should have worked out perfectly, but the check that I wrote to Diana bounced. Apparently I am going to have to have to ask my staff mom Jann to raise my allowance again. I talked this over with Diana last Monday and she said that if I pay her in cash next time that she will use the money to order a pizza that she and I can share! She’ll even let me pick my toppings as long as pineapples are added to her half.

It was finally the big day for the Classics, Cats & Cabernet, our top fundraising event of the year, and I had planned on assuming my role as “Official FieldHaven Greeter.” Unfortunately, the staff thought I should be locked up in the Adult Cattery during the festivities. As a result, I was in a foul mood all day long, and I did quite a bit of hissing and swatting. Uncle Jared was in charge of looking after me, and he wasn’t fond of this behavior. He did try to cheer me up, but nothing worked. The least someone could have done was share a hotdog with me, but nooooo.

Hot Rod

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