Abandoned! Please Help Us Help Fifi and Sadie

Abandoned! Please Help Us Help Fifi and Sadie

Fifi and Sadie’s Story

FiFi and Sadie were found abandoned in a carrier placed in the driveway of a Sun City Lincoln Hills resident’s home.
The following anonymous note was attached:

“I am unable to care for my two cats which I have had all their lives. Enclosed is $100 to help defray costs you might incur. I apologize for doing this and am having someone else drop them off as I did not have the heart. I leave it up to you as to their fate and hope and pray they will be treated as humanely as possible. Dark grey cat’s name is FiFi. She is 16 years old and a little feisty. Health is good but seems to be losing weight lately. She has been declawed in front and has been a house cat all her life. Grey and white cat is Sadie, she is 11 years old and shy. Not sure on her health. Think her front teeth need work and she may have an internal problem like urinary or something. She also has her front paws declawed and has never been outside. They were pretty much my wife’s cats. My wife passed away and I just am unable to care for them. Again, I apologize for placing this burden on you.”

FiFi and Sadie were taken to a local veterinarian who contacted FieldHaven. Lab tests and examinations revealed both cats have medical issues that are typical of older cats and are in need of dental work. We will provide them with the necessary care, but your help is needed to cover the cost of their veterinary expenses.

Both girls are in a foster home being loved and cared for, but they miss their mom very much. While no one can replace her, we hope a loving home can be found where Sadie and FiFi can feel safe and loved. Arrangements can be made with FieldHaven to assist in their ongoing medical care. You can help Sadie and FiFi by making a donation and telling this story to everyone you know. Maybe you know the perfect person to take FiFi and Sadie into their home and heart!

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