Outreach Education

Outreach Education

Two young girls holding a tabby cat and an orange tabby.

Education is key to achieving the universal goal of all animal welfare organizations: no more homeless pets. The undisputed solution to this goal is to impart a social philosophy that pets should be treated in a responsible, caring manner, including ensuring that pets do not breed and produce unwanted offspring.

FieldHaven’s volunteers accept every opportunity to provide education within the community: at the shelter, “virtually” by phone and email, and by circulating newsletters, newspaper articles, and other informational literature. We provide information on the importance of spaying/neutering, referrals to low-cost clinics, and transportation assistance.

Our volunteers also assist the public with cat behavior issues that often result in owners being willing to keep cats they were considering relinquishing and consulting with new adopters and offering advice on how to transition the new family member into the household.

FieldHaven receives many calls each month requesting us to accept cats and kittens into the shelter. Unfortunately, our space only allows us to accommodate a small percentage of those requests. We offer a “self-help” program to assist owners in placing their pets in homes on their own, provide information and resources on effectively finding homes, and feature space on our website to post information and pictures. Space at outreach adoption events is also offered. This support often empowers people to find placement for their cat(s), leaving them feeling less overwhelmed and helpless.

As part of our effort to provide information to schools, civic, and youth groups, FieldHaven has created a video presentation to educate elementary school children on responsible pet guardianship. We have hosted a number of field trips at our shelter.

FieldHaven has also participated in community events, such as the Lincoln Farmer’s Market and Chamber of Commerce events. Because of our visibility within the community of Lincoln, we have established a solid reputation as a resource to individuals and businesses. We wish to continue expanding our visibility as the community grows by providing more educational opportunities and resources to every age group.

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