2005 Adoption Programs

2005 Adoption Programs

Before any cat or kitten becomes adoptable, they are subject to our thorough medical protocols, including veterinary examination, blood testing, and any other healthcare necessary or advisable for an individual cat.

Efforts are made to provide a suitable personality and environmental match with adopters. Volunteers offer post-adoption counseling and follow-up. It is our policy to do a minimum of three follow-up contacts with all adopters approximately three days, three weeks, and three months post-adoption.

Our adoption agreement stipulates that if rehoming the adopted cat is necessary, we are contacted first. Our adoption retention rate is comparable with shelters with similar adoption policies with a goal to decrease returns by continually modifying adoption and follow-procedures to ensure a “forever home” in as many instances as possible.

Continual education of cat owners and thorough counseling before and after adoption works to minimize returns. To track trends, we have begun collecting data in this area. 2005 marked the first full year of an adoption partnership with PetSmart (North Roseville), which resulted in a 45% increase in adoptions over the previous year.

In early 2005, FieldHaven began microchipping all adoptable cats. Microchips and lifetime registration are provided by 24PetWatch. PetHealth, the parent company of 24PetWatch, over a 30-day medical insurance policy, which covers a number of diseases and conditions.

A veterinary partnership program was implemented in late 2005 to provide adopters with a complimentary post-adoption health exam by veterinarians. Currently, there are three veterinary clinics participating in the program.

The base adoption fee is $95, but may be adjusted due to a variety of factors. In addition to outreach adoptions at PetSmart, we strive to bring adoptable cats and kittens to other venues. In October 2005, we had a successful outreach adoption event at Sun City Lincoln Hills. We are planning to hold this event again in 2006.

I can’t imagine life without Emma. She is the best and I feel so lucky to have her. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to adopt her.

– Adopter

Adoptions by the Numbers

2004: 211
2005: 307 (45% increase)

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