About Us

Founded on July 1, 2003, FieldHaven Feline Rescue, a private non-profit organization, is Lincoln’s only animal shelter. Our focus is on cats and kittens and providing shelter, adoptions, community education and spay/neuter assistance. FieldHaven’s operations are centered around a small shelter located on a private horse ranch in rural Lincoln. A limited number of adult cats are housed at the shelter with the remainder cared for in a network of foster homes. As Lincoln’s popularity continues, FieldHaven is challenged to develop or expand programs to better serve our growing community. We’ve upgraded our website capacity to better convey in-house information among volunteers/staff, document public contacts through our CAT (Community/Cat Assistance Team) and added a virtual “library”, helping the public obtain information on feline health or behavior issues, our adoptable cats, up-coming scheduled events and fundraising opportunities. We have sent our volunteers to represent FieldHaven and Lincoln at Placer County’s public meetings held to discuss the placement of a West Placer Animal Shelter, the opening of the Feral Cat Exhibit at Folsom Zoo and maintaining the new adoption venue at the recently opened Petco store in Rocklin. The organization dedicates all efforts of board members, affiliates, employees and volunteers towards the mission of educating the community on responsible pet ownership and providing a safe haven for cats and kittens in transition to new lives in permanent homes.

Organizational Goals & Activities

  • Rescue abandoned/unwanted felines and provide housing at the shelter or in foster homes.
  • Provide medical care to rescued felines.
  • Adopt rescued felines into responsible, permanent homes.
  • Educate the community on responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering to prevent overpopulation.
  • Assist the community with TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and maintenance of feral colonies.
  • Provide shelter and adoption services for cats and kittens rendered homeless by death of a caregiver.
  • Utilize funds received through grants, donations and other contributions for the activities listed above.

City of Lincoln & FieldHaven Honored in 2006

The City of Lincoln was among 34 communities selected as finalists and named the only California winner of the coveted All-America Cities Award given to 10 cities nationwide by the National Civic League (NCL) – the nation’s longest running and most prestigious civic recognition program. The All-America City Award encourages and recognizes civic excellence, honoring communities in which citizens, government, business and nonprofit organizations demonstrate successful resolution of critical community issues.

FieldHaven Feline Rescue was among 6 nonprofit organizations to have one of its volunteers selected as “Volunteer of the Year” in 2006 by the Lincoln Volunteer Center – a formally incorporated partnership of the City of Lincoln, Western Placer Unified School District, Heritage Church and several community businesses.

FieldHaven, the youngest organization represented, received its first time-ever honor with two organizations established in Lincoln in excess of 20 years, Ride to Walk [1985] and Lincoln Arts [1986], and three nationally established organizations having chapters founded in Lincoln (Kiwanis Club, Friends of the Library and Economic Development Committee). The six organizations recognized illustrate a diversity of interest and the volunteers honored play a major role in making a huge difference in the community through their hard work, dedication and giving spirit.

Adoption Programs

As FieldHaven’s maximum capacity was reached our adoption numbers leveled out and actually dropped somewhat in 2006. This was due, in part, to some shifts in policy to house less cats at any given time at FieldHaven to comply with stricter health protocols which resulted in healthier animals, especially kittens.

Having reached our maximum capacity for housing adoptable felines, we are now focusing on other programs aimed at serving our community and reducing the number of homeless cats and kittens in the long term. Nonetheless, FieldHaven’s adoption programs are active and a primary function of the organization. In late 2006 we expanded our outreach adoption partnerships to include Petco in addition to PetSmart. Outreach adoptions accounted for nearly 70% of our adoptions in 2006.

At the direction of FieldHaven’s Shelter Veterinarian, Roberta Peterson, DVM, minimum standards have been established that each cat or kitten must meet before being released for adoption. This is to make every effort to ensure the animal’s health status at the time of adoption and to minimize the chance of it becoming ill after adoption. Our strict medical protocols are applied to each cat at the time of intake and throughout its stay with FieldHaven.

In 2006, we became licensed by the California State Veterinary Board as a veterinary clinic. This license is provisional in that we are not a public clinic and are authorized to treat only our own shelter animals.

In 2006 we also formalized our Adoption Follow-Up Protocol to include a minimum of 3 follow-up contacts with new adopters. Typically the follow-up contacts are done at 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months but additional contacts are made as needed. Adopters are encouraged to contact our adoption counselors at any time to discuss any questions or post-adoption questions they may have.

There are 4 area veterinarians who participate in our Veterinary Partnership program; Dr. Jyl’s Mobile Vet Connection, Cats Only Veterinary Hospital, Critter Creek Veterinary Hospital and Bird and Pet Clinic of Roseville. They provide a complimentary post-adoption exam for each adopted cat or kitten.

2006 Adoptions by Venue (204 Total Adoptions)

  • FieldHaven (70 adoptions)
  • PetSmart (117 adoptions)
  • Other Offsite (17 adoptions)

Board of Directors

Joy Smith, President
Jann Flanagan, Vice President
Roger Carroll, Treasurer
Sharon Kurth, Secretary
Janice Covington, Member
Courtney Nunes, Member
Mary Swanson, Member
Julie Anderson, Member
Reba Miller, Member


Peri Oldham, Volunteer Coordinator
Jen Paul, Shelter Manager

Mature Cats for Mature People

This program, aimed at placing adult cats with seniors by waiving adoption fees, continues to be successful. Throughout the year we use this program to promote adopting adult cats. The 2nd Annual Mature Cat Adoption Day in Sun City Lincoln Hills was held in October resulting in several cats finding homes.

We strongly advocate the health benefits to seniors that having a pet provides. Research continues to produce further evidence of quantifiable benefits of having a pet, especially with seniors. In 2007 we plan to explore additional ways to promote Mature Cats for Mature People This program is a key avenue to place adult cats which are traditionally harder to adopt out than kittens.

Thank you, FieldHaven, for giving us the chance to adopt such a fun, loving, and sweet cat. She has truly brought happiness to our home.

CAT - Community/Cat Assistance Team

CAT is a group of FieldHaven volunteers who respond to phone and email inquiries from the general public. The concept of CAT evolved in late 2005, when FieldHaven found ourselves in somewhat of a conundrum. Our shelter capacity is very limited, and we were having to turn away the majority of requests we received to surrender owned or stray cats. We did not want to just tell people we couldn’t help them without offering advice or guidance. The CAT program was designed to triage the requests and provide as much assistance as possible.

Typical examples of the types of calls include:

  • Having found a stray cat or litter of kittens
  • Feral cats have taken up residence near their home or business
  • Rehoming an owned cat
  • Reporting lost/found cats
  • Behavior problems with owned cats
  • A family member with a cat has passed away or become dependent and can no longer keep the pet
  • Financial assistance with spaying/neutering, vaccines

Calls and emails come in each day as trained CAT volunteers handle each inquiry on an individual basis. Resources and assistance are provided to each person no matter what the situation.

If the caller wants to surrender a cat or has found a homeless cat in need of placement, we address each inquiry based on the details. When we cannot accept the cat immediately, we give them the option to utilize our website and adoption expertise. If the cat meets the minimum requirements of being spayed/neutered, vaccinated and blood tested, they can put the cat on our website in a courtesy posting where the owner is the primary contact for potential adopters. They are also welcome to bring the cat to any of our outreach adoption events where FieldHaven adoption counselors will assist them in screening potential adopters. As space becomes available at the shelter or in a foster home the owner is contacted.

In situations where behavior issues or other reasons prompt the surrender request, the CAT volunteer assesses the case and offers solutions where warranted. We have an extensive resource library on our website to which we can refer people to for information and tips.

This methodology has been saluted by the public, our peers in animal rescue, veterinarians and county officials. While we cannot take every animal in that we are requested to, we are providing the public with advice, guidance and solutions.

Collaboration & Sharing - Working Together to Save Lives

Animal overpopulation and stray pets are not problems that can be overcome by any single person or organization. FieldHaven works hard to serve our community, but our accomplishments can be credited to the collaboration and support of numerous organizations.

We work closely with our peers in Placer County and beyond. With Animal Spay and Neuter (ASN), a nonprofit clinic in Auburn, California, we have a partnership to achieve a maximum number of sterilizations of cats in our community within the resources of both organizations. We make an effort to accommodate requests from staff at Placer County Animal Services to transfer animals that may have a better chance of getting adopted through FieldHaven.

FieldHaven is represented on the Placer County Animal Services Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of county management and representatives of animal shelters and rescues throughout the county. The Committee’s charter is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Officer of the County’s animal care services.

Iams Cat Food Donation Shared with Other Animal Groups

Through our efforts with the 2005 Iams Home 4 the Holidays adoption campaign, sponsored by Helen Woodward Animal Center and The Iams Company, FieldHaven was awarded a grant of 10 tons of Iams Cat Food. Certainly more food than our organization could use, so a special event was planned to bring nearly 20 animal rescues, shelters and individuals from 5 counties together. The event also involved organizations serving the pets of seniors and the homeless.

The event centered around two tractor-trailer loads of food that arrived at FieldHaven in late June 2006. Organizations were invited to bring their trucks, vans and SUVs for a celebration of the award, while FieldHaven volunteers filled their vehicles with bags and pallets of food. Many of these organizations then distributed their share of the food to others within their own community.

FieldHaven was honored to share our award with others who work so hard towards our mutual goals.

Support from the Community of Lincoln

Home Depot assisted FieldHaven with the construction of a feral cat holding area where we can hold cats brought in by the community for transport to ASN or for recovery before being returned to the colony. Staff from Home Depot brought supplies donated to FieldHaven and provided several hours of labor to prepare the foundation for the project.

Each year the Lincoln Volunteer Center participates in Make a Difference Day, a national volunteer day. In 2006 FieldHaven was one of several nonprofits in the Lincoln area to participate. About 20 volunteers arrived to assist regular volunteers with preplanned projects such as painting, winterizing our outdoor habitat areas and sprucing up the gardens surrounding the shelter.

SNAP - Spay/Neuter Assistance Program

In partnership with the Animal Spay and Neuter (ASN) Clinic, a nonprofit, low cost spay/neuter clinic, FieldHaven is able to offer Lincoln and nearby communities a comprehensive spay/neuter program.

FieldHaven fills a void where many spay/neuter assistance programs fall short. It has been demonstrated by spay/neuter programs nationwide that simply providing no or low-cost spay/neuter is not the sole answer in getting people to comply with spay/neuter responsibility. The barrier is often simply with the logistics of getting the animals to the clinic, catching the cat(s) or recovering them. FieldHaven provides services to assist with those logistics, such as:

  • Loan of traps and cages
  • Volunteer assistance with trapping
  • Instructions and guidance on trapping/recovery and caretaking of a feral colony
  • Adoption assistance through CAT for non-feral cats
  • Transportation to/from ASN by FieldHaven volunteers
  • Assist to relocate feral cats when necessary
  • Donations of food and supplies to feral colony caregivers

The effectiveness of this approach was proven during 2006 when we had no specific grant funds to support SNAP. Not wanting to lose the momentum we had achieved in 2005 some funds were allocated to SNAP from the general budget, and we strived to supplement those dollars with donations from SNAP recipients themselves. We asked people to donate whatever they could afford when their cats were returned to their owners or caregivers. They were not obligated to contribute, but we explained that whatever they contributed would go back into the fund and allow us to “stretch” our resources to help more people and cats.

The plan was overwhelmingly successful. Most people made a contribution. We provided SNAP services to 222 cats in 2006, 40% more than in 2005, and nearly 70% of the costs were covered by the recipients. Simply providing them with transportation and equipment assistance as well as the encouragement to get their animals spayed and neutered was enough to have a significant impact in the number of animals served.

In late 2006 FieldHaven received funds from several sources including PetSmart Charities and a Placer County Trust Fund for expanded SNAP services in 2007. It should be a record year for spaying cats and kitten in and around Lincoln!

A feral cat is an unsocialized cat—a cat that was born to a feral mother and has never lived with a human family, or a house cat that strayed from home and, over time, has thrown off the effects of domestication and reverted to a wild state.
Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) is the humane, nonlethal method of feline population control that is more effective than trap-and-kill, and more reflective of a caring society.


We wish to recognize the following businesses and individuals who have contributed to FieldHaven’s success:


Under $50

Cathi Bardo
Marilyn Barlow
Dawn Beck
Ann Peckenpaugh Becker
Cathy Blake
J.C. Bohls
Sheila Bridges
Judy Brusati
Kandy Coburn
Jul & Andrew Farrell
Karen Files
Rosemarie Gutmann
Gudrun Hader
Janet Hewitt
Pat Higgens

John & Roxanna Hill
Kerri & Andrew Hunter
Marilyn Johnson
Susan Joyce
Roxie Kaiser
Linda Kelly
Marge Knoop
Gail Llamas
Lynn & Dempsey Madison
Jacquline Mayer
Dale McCoy
Bob Miller
Martha Miller
Claire Moore
MaryAnn Ogden

Ronald & Nancy Peterson
Anita Peterson-Foley
David & Georgia Ramm
Bonnie Rodger
Miriam Russell
Diane Sauer
Vivian & Jim Skophammer
Sandy Stewart
Edythe Tanner
Joyce Tillotson
Dorothy Woodbury


$50 to $99

Maeve Anderson-Scott
Tanya Aram
Diane & Robert Bendorf
Stephanie Berry
Marie Bevilaqua
Michele Cable
Rhonda & Timothy Capron
Michael Carter
Jan Chimera
Robert & Cynthia Cooper
Jane Cozart
Linda & Annie Creekside Oaks Elementary
Jeanette Davidson
Garry & Arlene DeBoer
Cindy & Bethany DeCourten
Teresa Duchien
Michael Ellis
Ted & Thelma Ferguson
Joan Fischer
Jann Flanagan
Helen Frost
Jennie & John Gill
Claudine Glasere
Dia Goode
Jennifer Gore

Mary & Jeff Gould
Sally Gredvig
Linda Grillo
John Haake
Denny Hackett
Laurie Halcomb
Sandy Hamer
Craig & Sandy Harrington
Stephen & Jessica Holmes
Robin Hutchings
Karen Jacques
Judith Jogis
Sharon Jones
Cheryl Kane
Lynn & Wayne Keller
Mike Kempczynski
Beatrice MacDurmott
Barry & Helen Mackintosh
Victoria Marshall
Susie & Martha Mason
Libbie & Charles Miller
Robert & Reba Miller
Marilyn & Denson Mott
Barbara Odone

Elwood & Barbara Orr
Joydeane Petterson
Karol & Bill Pinn
Elizabeth Pritts
Bob & Trina Quinn
Kris Rademacher
Ann Ranlett
Lynnella Renshaw
Maxine Richelieu
Julie Ridgeway
Suzanne Schmidt
Susan Schutte-Worthington
Faith Sorenson
Nancy Steuck
Margaret Sundermier
Pat & Kevin Tenborg
Charlotte Thompson
Karla Tilley
Diane & Robert Walker
David & Patricia Wegner
Glenda Williams
Jan & Martin Wolf
Janet Young
Thomas & Jennifer Zraick


$100 to $249

Frank & Dianna Amos
B&J Body Shop
Steve Bryan
Kathryn Burkhead
Oliver Classey
Larry & Cheryl Crother
Stanley Dayne
Henry & Linda Dillon
Mary Emmett
Susan Gardiner
Faye Gouvea
Gail Graybeal
Hilde Harris
Colleen Heihrick
Julia Hill
Janice & Timothy Hubis
Madeleine & Bill Jackson
Kerrie Johnson
Maxine Jones
Lorraine Keller

Diane Kemper
Donna Kushen
Joan Lacey
Diane Lemire
Jeri Lobb
Carol & Leigh Mintz
Helene (Martel) & Dick Mischke
Mari Moore
Kathleen Nass
Stephen & Carol Natcher
Janice & Timothy Norris
Sidney Palaca
Mark Parnow
Hal Paul
Sheila Rose
Karin Schwab
Marilyn Sharp
Holly Sheradin
Allen & Judy Slusher
Norma Smith

Bobbi Stefan
Lila Suffoletto
Marty Sutton-Garner
Nichola Swanson
Thomas F Swanson
Lucy & Lowell Taylor
June Thompson
Bob Trocha
Bruce Valencia
Diane Vance
Alice West
Margaret White
Charles & Susan Williams
Elizabeth (Susie) Williams
Charla Winnett
Mary Zammarrelli
Diane Zmrzel


$250 to $499

Jean Dandy
Sally Fisher
Dolores Grace
Honolulu Trading Company

Debbie Knowles
Jen & Ray Paul
Jen Rosenbrook
Scott Ruskauff
Linda Starr

Jennie & John Gill
Roy’s Custom Cabinets


$500 to $999

Christopher Hanson
Mary Jackson

Christina Siemens
Mary & Tom Swanson

Rhett & Melissa Winn

Main Coon


Julie Anderson
Cafferata Foundation
Mel & Jane Fischer
Nancy & Kirk Hartwig

Lorraine Heidecker
Sharon Kurth
Fran & George Philip
Joy & Preston Smith

Beverly and Luke Wurzel

Business Partners & Sponsorships

Ann Ranlett
Ben’s Bark Avenue
B & J Body Shop
Buonarroti Ristorante
Cathy Willcox Web Design
Glide Foundation
Hills Science Diet
Honolulu Trading Company

Il Giardino
InkLynx Printing
Killick Financial Services
Lincoln News Messenger
Petco and Petco Foundation
PetSmart and PetSmart Charities

Rescue Connection Software
The Almost Perfect Bookstore
The Iams Company
Used Book Cooperative

Veterinary Partners

Animal Spay and Neuter
Bear River Veterinary Clinic
Bird and Pet Clinic of Roseville

Cats Only Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Jyl’s Mobile Vet Connection
Roberta Peterson, DVM

Critter Creek Veterinary Hospital
Animal Eye Center

Ynes, Missy, and Sassy

At first glance Ynes looks like a normal, slightly chubby black cat you’d see in any suburban neighborhood as living in a caring home and having a good cat life filled with naps in the sun. But Ynes has a job where she works 24/7, and while she may sleep a lot, those naps are part of her work. Ynes is an assistant caretaker at the Montclair Villa Residential Care Facility in Rocklin, CA. She is assistant to Bobbi Stefan and her family who operate the facility to care for up to 6 senior residents in their home-like residence.

Ynes has been with Montclair Villa since 2004 when she was adopted from FieldHaven. Since then she has provided “purr-therapy” to a number of residents. Throughout the day she is always on the go whether it’s to give a head-to-chin bump to bring a smile to Ruth’s face or to help Gladys beat her daughter at cards. Every evening she ensures each person gets their share of love as she moves from bed to bed providing everyone with the best sleep aid of a feline snuggle. There was one particular occasion when she broke this pattern to stay by the side on a gentleman for 2 weeks as he made his final journey in life; the journey that is the human equivalent of the Rainbow Bridge.

Ynes’ history prior to FieldHaven is somewhat vague. It seems she was another young cat left to care for herself. She ended up pregnant (very pregnant!) at the back door of a business pleading for help. Within 2 hours of arriving at FieldHaven she delivered 6 kittens. After raising those beautiful babies she was spotted by Bobbi who immediately adopted her into her wonderful family at Montclair Villa where she began her career of Purr Therapist. Ynes instilled that love of people and desire to nurture to her kittens. All were adopted into wonderful homes. Two of the kittens, Missy and Sassy, live right in downtown Lincoln with their mom, Faye Guvea. Faye is a widow who has a large family in the area but found her house much too quiet. She wanted some companionship and when her daughter adopted two of Ynes’ kittens she decided to adopt two for herself.

Kittenhood was tough as the “girls” were feline hooligans ripping through Faye’s once-orderly house and challenging Faye to keep up with them. But they also provided Faye with hours of entertainment and a bucketful of smiles each day. As Faye will be quick to tell you the health benefits of having the “girls” are proof-positive in her own health. Last year Faye had a cardiac work-up. Her physician remarked how excellent the test results were, asking Faye what she had changed about her lifestyle to bring about the improvement in her cardiac health. She was delighted to tell him about her personal Purr Therapists who give her a poke on the nose to get up and going each morning – by providing them breakfast first thing, of course. Then there is that exercise bike and treadmill. Faye says the only use it gets these days is when Missy and Sassy take turns perching on the equipment for their brushing each day. Each cat has their favorite games they like to play to keep Faye at their service all day. Faye says “they let me live in the house with them”.

We applaud Ynes, Missy and Sassy and every other bundle of feline fur for the healing work you do. Thank you.